root - March 20, 2023

Before midnight on Sunday 19 March, a small group of protesters gathered in Parklands Tableview. City of Cape Town Safety and Security Mayco member JP Smith claims that the group tried to intimidate fuel stations in the area.

Smiths says private security along with SAPS responded at which point one EFF supporter was arrested. He says other nine EFF supporters retreated into a security complex and hid.
“Private security monitoring EFF residence,” said Smith.

Meanwhile, at 04h00 all areas are quiet. All routes open. Cape Town is open for business!

03h00 and before: Small group of protesters began gathering on Orchards Quarry. SAPS and Metro held the line and pushed the protesters back into Nyanga.

Smith stated that about 100 protesters began gathering on Main Rd Woodstock, tried moving towards Mowbray. SAPS fired gas cannister, protesters dispersed.

“Yesterday 2x failed attempts, petrol bombs thrown at MyCiti busses. Flames extinguished, only smoke damage. SAPS forensics attended to gather evidence” said Smith.

“Several attempts at burning rubbish across roadways in Khayelitsha, also Hundle and Symphony. Upon arrival, debris extinguished and removed, no sign of protesters.”

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