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Oliver Tambo branch stresses they are not to blame for residents’ woes, as they are not in power

Peter Luhanga  

The ANC campaigned in Dunoon ahead of elections, with the Oliver Tambo branch addressing voters in a makeshift community hall in Doornbach informal settlement on 22 May. The event was attended by about 100 people wearing ANC t-shirts printed with the slogan: “together we can do more”.   

Led by branch chairperson Andile Peter, part of the ANC’s message to voters was that they could not be blamed for service delivery failures in Cape Town, as they were not in power in the City, nor the Province. 

“The problems of Dunoon are not problems of the ANC. The ANC is not in government in the Western Cape. Residents’ complaints related to housing… those issues are not the problem of the ANC,” said Peter.

He said if the ANC governed the province, they would “prioritise the lives of black people”.

“You need to go vote for the ANC. The ANC is yours and does not belong to an individual. 

He urged voters to only focus on the ANC on the ballot paper and to remain loyal to the party.

Doornbach resident Thabo Siyamarhale, who is registered to vote, said he did not see any benefit in voting, citing his unemployment. He chose not to disclose the party he intended to vote for.

“We vote but we do not get jobs. Government doesn’t keep promises,” said Siyamarhale.

To Iliso Labantu’s knowledge, the DA and other parties have not held political campaign rallies in Dunoon, except for hanging campaign posters on posts and on top of shack roofs. Some, such as the EFF, were spotted distributing campaign pamphlets at the Dunoon taxi rank on the same day as the prayer service and were notably absent from the service. The DA also placed an advertisement in the Iliso Labantu News.

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