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Stakeholder engagement highlights green economy progress and partnership opportunities

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In a groundbreaking move to propel South Africa’s green economy, the Atlantis Special Economic Zone Company (ASEZCo) recently unveiled a remarkable R16 billion investment pipeline. This initiative is set to create 2500 direct jobs, with an additional R3.4 billion investment securing an extra 800 jobs. These developments were revealed during a stakeholder engagement session held on Earth Day, Tuesday 23 April 2024.

The event, underscored ASEZCo’s dedication to enhancing the country’s environmental sustainability while fostering economic growth.

Matthew Cullinan, CEO of ASEZCo, stated that together, they are poised to effect transformative change, ushering in new opportunities and economic prosperity. 

Cullinan also outlined opportunities for the private sector to invest and partner with ASEZCo, including a public call for expressions of interest in supporting property development and financing.

The gathering sought to garner increased support and interest from investors and other private sector players. 

The ASEZCo highlighted progress in developing the zone’s infrastructure, applying principles of the Living Lab and smart zone principles for greener practices and efficient resource use. Construction of civil infrastructure on Zone 1 is underway and is expected to be completed by October 2024, with opportunities for SMMEs participation.

James Vos, Mayoral Committee member for economic growth, stated that the City is proud to have played its part through the transfer of land to the Atlantis SEZ Company in a deal that allows the organisation to legally contract on site with prospective tenants and bidders.

“Thanks to such initiatives, Atlantis is now a prime development area available for leasing to investors…the Atlantis SEZ is leading the way in making Cape Town and the Western Cape a hub of green investments and jobs. We stand ready to further drive opportunities in Atlantis and to help unlock our amazing continent’s potential and move towards a cleaner future,” stated Vos.

The event also featured an informative panel discussion on “Growing and Building the Green Investment Ecosystem,” with participation from green ecosystem partners including Wesgro, GreenCape, City of Cape Town, Western Cape Government, and Atlantis Special Economic Zone Company. This session delved into strategies for fostering sustainable investment practices and enhancing the green economy.

Finance MEC Mireille Wenger stated that the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) has been hard at work putting the building blocks in place to evolve into a hub of green investment, which “gives us a small glimpse of what we can do when we commit to green tech, unlocking doors to new industries, jobs, and opportunities right here in the Western Cape”.

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone is poised to lead Cape Town and the Western Cape as a hub of green investments and jobs, propelling the region towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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