root - November 14, 2023

David Rossouw 

Underprivileged children rarely see iconic sights like Table Mountain, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, or Robben Island, let alone experience the thrill of seeing them from the air.

Recently, VST Attorneys, Morningstar Flying Club, and the Rotary Club of Melkbos joined forces to provide a unique opportunity for children from Livingstone High School, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation, and Vaatjie Primary School to experience the joy of flight. 

The organisations hosted the children at Morningstar Airfield and gave them a chance to fly.

It was an unforgettable experience for the primary school children, and some of the learners from Wolwerivier were amazed to discover how close they live to this aviation hub, separated only by eucalyptus trees and the N7 highway.

Two Grade 7 learners from Vaatjie Primary School, Lizane Davids and Dori-Ann Fienies, described their experience of seeing Table Mountain and Robben Island from above. They likened it to an eagle surveying its prey from the skies; a truly fascinating perspective.

CHOC brought children from various areas, including Delft, Goodwood, Kraaifontein, Stellenbosch, Khayelitsha, the Koue Bokkeveld (Ceres), Vredenburg, Springbok in the Northern Cape, and East London in the Eastern Cape. 

Lynette Muthuray, Regional Manager of the Western Cape & Namakwa Region CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA, said the experience was fantastic for the organisation and transformative for the children, many of whom had never been in an airplane. 

The Morningstar Flying Club, a community of aviation enthusiasts with a rich 27-year history, now boasts around 500 members, and has adapted to accommodate new developments in aviation and is committed to advancing recreational and sports flying in Cape Town.

Timothy Irvine, speaking on behalf of the club, said  anyone with a passion for aviation and a desire to learn to fly is welcome to join the adventure. The club’s extensive facilities, including over 90 hangars that can house more than 200 aircraft, an SACAA-accredited flight school, and an aircraft maintenance branch, ensure safety and airworthiness.

The memorable day ended with exciting flying experiences and a delightful meal provided by the Rotary Club of Melkbos for the more than 50 children who attended the event. Before the children returned home, they were pleasantly surprised by being presented with flying certificates from the club’s pilots.

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