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Iliso Labantu News is a Xhosa/English community newspaper that comes out twice a month. At Iliso labantu we practice ethical journalism, and strive to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. We support the open and civil exchange of views, even views we find repugnant.

Our mission is to stimulate constructive public dialogue with forward-looking journalism driven by inclusive community engagement. We aim to contribute to a society in which everyone has the empathy, access to sophisticated information, and imagination to engage in dialogue about complex challenges and take action.

Iliso Labantu News approaches storytelling in a way that looks beyond conflict-driven daily news cycles, issues not covered by the traditional mainstream media. We look for gaps in reporting and pursue untold stories that have potential for impact.

Iliso Labantu News is published by IRSI Media SA, an independent journalism company dedicated to in-depth reporting on complex issues affecting impoverished communities in South Africa.

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