root - August 29, 2023

David Rossouw

On Sunday 27 August, the fourth-placed FC Mimosa of Dunoon and sixth-placed  Lokshin Spurs of Joe Slovo faced each other in a second  round match of the Dunoon LFA.

With Chillie Boys comfortably leading the first round at 27 points after 10 matches on the leaderboard, it’s going to be hard to maintain the same in the second round.

Chillie Boys will definitely be chewing hard bones in the second round if luck runs out after today’s titanic battle between FC Mimosa and Lokshin Spurs.

Lokshin Spurs gave Amos Siwaji’s side quite a stir in the first 25 minutes of the first half when they ripped into FC Mimosa with two quick goals.

Siwaji had harsh words with his players after a water break and in the last 20 minutes FC Mimosa fought back hard and scored two excellent equalizing goals to end the first half on a happy note.

In the second half, FC Mimosa came into their own and rocked Lokshin Spurs with excellent ball skills in the midfield as they scored their third goal of the match.

With about 15 minutes left, FC Mimosa sealed the game when they scored a fourth goal.

However, Lokshin Spurs continued to attack and scored their third goal in the 88th minute, still hoping to equalize in the remaining two minutes.

However, Siwaji’s troops’ rock-solid defence proved decisive in winning the match 4-3.

Women’s soccer also made a return to Dunoon Sports grounds after a 14-day absence. Real Brazillians took on UCPT on home soil. The two faced each other in the first round but it did not go so well with the Brazillians, who suffered a 3-0 defeat.

In the Atlantis LFA league FC Bayern of Witsand suffered a huge blow by going down 2-4 against sixth-placed Wesfleur.  

But with the second round only having started now, Bayern of Witsand can still surprise the front runners in the second round, being Aberdeen, Robinvale Spurs, Atlantis Leeds, and Atlantis City.

League newcomers Mamre FC shook Spurs in the first 20 minutes by taking the lead with 2-0. Lack of experience in Wilfred Smile’s team kept them from delivering the knockout.

Spurs had to dig deep to control the gutsy Mamre FC, and came back with two quick goals to take control of the match. With two minutes left on the clock it looked like they’d have to share points with Mamre FC but a last corner kick from Spurs beat goalkeeper Breyton Johannes who has until then kept Mamre FC in the match. 

With both LFAs, Atlantis and Dunoon football competitions in their second round, supporters can expect exciting football in the final round matches. 

Will Chillie Boy and Robinvale Spurs succeed to the Regional play off or will FC Bayern, Aberdeen, Leeds, City, Pioneer, FC Mimosa, Liverpool, and Wolves stop them?

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