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Fans say they’re uplifted and inspired by Sinoyolo Nzuzo’s Maskandi music

Peter Luhanga 

A Grade 11 pupil who is an up-and-coming sensation in the Maskandi music genre, celebrated the release of her eagerly awaited second album this past weekend. 

Sinoyolo Nzuzo, who is an 18-year-old pupil at Inkwenkwezi Senior Secondary, released her album “Qhaweloxolo, ndigula ndihamba”amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling Dunoon taxi rank.

Nzuzo’s passion for music ignited during her primary school years when she initially joined the popular Maskandi band, Sibawusenkomo. This renowned group, founded by Dunoon resident Thabo Magaqana, became the springboard for Sinoyolo’s artistic journey. Initially serving as a backup dancer, she soon discovered her own singing and songwriting talents, paving the way for her remarkable solo career.

Through the release of her second album, Nzuzo maintains her enthralling hold on audiences with her distinctive Maskandi melodies, offering a glimpse into her transformation from a budding backup dancer to a skilled singer-songwriter. 

The Dunoon taxi rank provided a poignant setting for this momentous occasion, paying homage to her deep-seated musical origins and the supportive community that nurtured her burgeoning talent.

Nzuzo says her inspiration to become a Maskandi singer-songwriter was fueled by the music of the renowned local musician Inkunzi Emdaka, whose songs are readily accessible on various music platforms, including Apple Music.

On her new 11-track album, she says she composed all of them within this year while balancing her high school studies.

“In my songs, I aim to inspire and uplift people. There’s a track titled ‘Kunzima Kulomhlaba,’ which provides solace to the soul,” says Nzuzo.

She said her 2021 debut album of ten tracks quickly became a sensation in the township, generating R2,000 from CD sales.

She says her albums aren’t available through online music platforms. Instead, she opts for selling CDs instead.  

Otherwise, she says people can give her a flashdrive and she’ll load her album onto it for R80, the same price as her CDs.

One of her fans at the launch of her second Album is Dunoon resident Nonkolisolo Majamani.

“Her songs fill me with excitement. They carry profound meaning, and what she sings about is a reflection of our everyday experiences,” said Majamani.

Another fan and Dunoon resident, Mzwakhe Dlamini, said people needed to support Nzuzo as she was talented and her music contained a powerful message.

Dlamini said Nzuzo is not only excelling in Maskandi music, but also actively involves young children, steering them away from bad influences. 

Dlamini says through her Maskandi music, Nzuzo actively promoted homegrown culture.

At the launch of her new album, Nzuzo was joined by artists from various townships, including Saldanha, Nyanga, Samora Machel, Philippi, Khayelitsha, and Mfuleni.

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