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 Moses Matiso vows to prioritise infrastructure development 

 SANCO officials stress non-political stance, emphasise community welfare

Peter Luhanga

A new leadership has taken the reins in Witsand, Atlantis, after the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) held a rigorous election during its annual general meeting on Thursday.

In a packed community hall, 295 registered SANCO members from Witsand participated to elect new leaders, with the process overseen by national and provincial SANCO officials amidst vibrant enthusiasm for change, and commitment to democratic processes within the community. 

The election held within the JS Masakala Peninsula branch, saw six leaders elected into key positions including chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary, deputy secretary, and treasurer. Additionally, nine other candidates were chosen as additional nominees, forming a 15-member team ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

The election marks a new chapter for Witsand, with the newly elected leadership promising a fresh start and renewed focus on addressing the pressing issues facing the community. 

Newly elected chairperson Moses Matiso emphasised unity among stakeholders and a commitment to representing a non-racial, non-profit organisation.

 “I am going to unite all stakeholders in the community and bring them together as one,” said Matiso.

He said he’ll prioritise community infrastructure, including the renovation of the community hall in discussion with Eskom, and the establishment of a youth centre and library. 

He was determined to combat the increasing crime rate by implementing anti-crime measures and collaborating with law enforcement agencies.

Addressing pressing issues faced by residents in informal settlements, he said he’d advocate vigorously for formal electricity provision in informal settlements such as Kontiki Land, Covid, and Khululeka.

“Our people living in informal settlements deserve better,” he said.

He also stated he will engage with residents to address their concerns and establish additional stakeholder organisations. He vowed to establish a labour desk to assist employees facing challenges with their employers

Following the election, SANCO’s Western Cape chairperson Connie August congratulated the newly elected leaders while reminding SANCO members to refrain from wearing any political party regalia when engaging in the organisation’sactivities. 

August said SANCO is a non-political organisation focused on community development and welfare, separate from partisan politics.

“If you do not have a SANCO t-shirt, please wear civilian clothes. Don’t come to SANCO meetings wearing your political party colours,” said August.

“And don’t go to community projects and start fighting for CLO (community liaison officer) positions,” warned Dalisile Mfazwe, the organisation’s national leader.

Mfazwe said the newly elected leaders should concentrate on enhancing service delivery. 

He advocated for installing gym equipment in the community hall and developing sports fields, stressing the significance of these amenities for youth engagement. 

 Additionally, he cautioned the leaders that not all 295 delegates endorsed their election, clarifying that this did not stem from animosity.

“You are going to be leaders of all of them. This branch is for all of you,” he stated.

 The newly elected top six leaders the SANCO JS Masakala Peninsula branch are: Moses Matiso as chairperson; Banathi Magani as deputy chairperson; Siyabonga Nkalitshane as secretary; Chuma Gabuza as deputy secretary; and Phatiswa Nokrayo as treasurer.

Organiser: Mzukisi Mfamela

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