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Dunoon Taxi Association promises safe journeys for Eastern Cape-bound commuters 

City provides free vehicle checks for long-distance travelers

Peter Luhanga 

Ready to roll with a fleet of more than 100 minibuses and drivers on standby, the Dunoon Taxi Association (DTA) aims for a safe and hassle-free journey for commuters heading to the Eastern Cape for the Easter break.   

“All our vans are in good standing, and our drivers are prepared to make the journey,” says DTA general secretary Frank Qotyiwe.

“Safety is our top priority, and we cannot compromise on the safety of our commuters,” says Qotyiwe.

He said during the last Easter holidays, the DTA safely transported commuters to and from the Eastern Cape without any accidents or loss of life.

“Mostly, our minibus taxis transport church groups during Easter. We anticipate that over 100 minibuses will be busy on the roads, starting this weekend. Safety is our top priority.”

He pleaded with passengers traveling to the Eastern Cape not to pressure the drivers to exceed speed limits.

“Sometimes passengers would instruct the drivers to speed. They must let the driver to adhere to speed limits and road regulations.”

The City’s safety and security mayco member, JP Smith, stated on Wednesday 20 March that the City’s traffic services were embarking on Operation Exodus, a programme to ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers during the Easter holiday. Smith said as part of the operation, the City was offering free vehicle checks to long-distance public transport operators.

“Operation Exodus offers free vehicle checks. I want to encourage all our long-distance operators to make use of the service,” stated Smith. 

The vehicle examiners would check a number of essential points, including tyres, brakes, wiper blades, the undercarriage, and whether the vehicle was properly licensed.

Further, Operation Exodus teams would focus on vehicle safety, driver fitness, overloading, as well as the validity of operating licences.

Operation Exodus teams would be stationed at the Joe Gqabi Public Transport Interchange, Bellville Traffic Department, and the long-distance bus terminus in the CBD.

He stated drivers must ensure they and their passengers are buckled up, adhere to the speed limits, and take sufficient breaks so that everyone arrives at their destination. 

“Our traffic officers and other enforcement departments will also be on the road to ensure the general motoring public has their vehicles checked. Make sure your vehicle is in good running condition, tyre pressure is set correctly, all lights and wipers are working properly,” he stated.

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