root - September 26, 2023

David Rossouw

What was once a gathering place for soccer players to kick balls around on the Dunoon sports field has become the site for a full tournament. 

It started with ten teams five years ago, and has grown to become the 20-team Score a Goal Tman, named after founder Zumasile Thinti, and has attracted football administrators and the Dunoon Local Football Association (LFA).

On Friday 22 September the Dunoon Sporting Complex kicked off their 2023 campaign at the Dunoon sports fields.

Zumasile Thinti got the idea while playing for one of the oldest clubs, FC Mimosa. The tournament aims to give exposure and opportunities to players under the age of 14, as there are few chances for them to play in big tournaments, said Thinti.

This year, for the first time, a plate section was introduced, called the Anele Ace Mxanda Section. Mxanda was a football administrator who devoted himself to promoting and supporting football in Dunoon. 

“We started with 10 teams at the beginning and then increased to 16 in the third and fourth years. Last year teams already indicated their participation just after the final whistle was blown in the final,” said Thinti. 

“We are very excited about the Tman tournament as it has already provided four top football players who have played in the prestige Bayhill Premier tournament, the biggest youth development tournament in South Africa.”

He said this year, two players were scouted by two clubs and invited to play for them in the 2023 Wanderers Engen tournament. “This makes me excited for the years to come”, said  Thinti.

Last year Ama Piano and Siqalo Bravers walked away each with R500 after finishing third and fourth respectively. Revelations earned a R2,500 Cape Town Sport Apparel Voucher as runners up, while champions Lockshin Spurs earned a R4,500 Cape Town Sports Apparel voucher, a trophy, and medals. This year’s winners will receive a sporting voucher worth R5,000, a trophy, and gold medals. The runner-up will earn R2,500 and silver medals, while the third-placed team will receive a R1,000. The Anele Ace Mxanda section winner will walk away with a new soccer kit.

Due to the inclement weather, all finals scheduled for 25 September have been postponed due to waterlogged fields. The matches will resume once the fields are dry.  

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