Staff Reporter - December 13, 2022

City rescue services demolish a wall to pull out to safety

How she got there is a mystery

A video of a young woman trapped in a narrow gap between two upgraded RDP houses in Dunoon’s Bulelani Street has been shared several times on social media.

Wedged between the walls, the video shows the woman can only make hand gestures and move her head as she pleads for help. Residents can be heard asking her how did she get between the buildings, to which she replies that a man put her there after accusing her of witchcraft.

Responding to spectators asking where she lives, she says “Thembani”, which causes confusion as there is no such place in Dunoon.

Milnerton SAPS spokesperson Captain Nopaya Madyibi confirmed the incident, saying police were called to attend to a scene where a woman was trapped between RDP houses in Bulelani street in Dunoon at midnight on 6 November.

Nopaya said when the police arrived at the scene the woman was crying for help, pleading to be pulled out.

“Fire and rescue department was called to the scene. They had to cut the corner of the house to be able to pull her out. Eventually she was pulled out safely. We cannot confirm her age.  There was no case opened in this regard,” said Nopaya.

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