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Journey to create the Dunoon Dodgers

Staff Reporter 

A brand-new youth baseball team has emerged, igniting enthusiasm for the sport among young talent in Dunoon, Cape Town who proudly call themselves the Dunoon Dodgers.

Baseball coach Jenni Muir recently took to her Facebook page to celebrate the remarkable news that one of her former players, Pumlani “Boss” Mnqokoyi, has embarked on the journey of founding a baseball team in the township.

Muir reflected on the challenges of managing sports programmes, acknowledging the demanding nature of the endeavour.However, she said her heart brimmed with joy as she witnessed the growth of the sport in her community. 

She said she hopes those with means might lend their support to help Mnqokoyi fulfill his dream of establishing the club.

“For many years, I coached baseball, dedicating my time and resources. There were moments when I questioned if it was all worth it. The arduous days, the extensive travel, transporting bulky equipment, squeezing numerous kids into my car, endless rounds of uniform washing (still baffled by the insistence on white baseball pants), moments of tears and frustration, enduring the dusty, windy fields, the occasional bruises, and facing criticism. Was it truly worth it?” stated Muir.

Then, she said she received an uplifting message from one of her earliest students who lives in Dunoon. 

She said Mnqokoyi told her about launching a baseball club in Dunoon, named the Dunoon Dodgers, and expressed his gratitude for her role in introducing him to the sport as his coach, to which Jenni exclaimed: “Wow!”

She said she was overwhelmed by Mnqokoyi’s message to her.

Recognizing the challenges that lay ahead for him, she offered her unwavering support and encouraged Mnqokoyi to persevere. 

“I know it isn’t going to be easy for him, I know he will face challenges and moments of doubt, but Boss, keep going, because one day, one of your players will write you the most heartfelt letter, thanking you for your time and efforts, and it will make it all worthwhile,” stated Muir.

Muir encouraged sponsors to assist Mnqokoyi and his Dunoon Dodgers with equipment or financial support. 

She urged them to connect with Mnqokoyi, emphasising the importance of perseverance and commitment to the dream.

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